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Erie Tiger Volleyball Upcoming Information

It is hard to believe we are just a few short weeks away from being in full swing with school, and volleyball season. The point of this note is to share 2 things. 1.) Some coaches thoughts regarding the next few weeks, and 2.) the upcoming schedule.

  1. If you are not interested, feel free to keep reading, but us as coaches want to make a brief statement on the upcoming weeks as we approach preseason camp and tryouts. First of all, the coaches had a great meeting this morning as to how the summer has gone and how we can improve as we transition in to season. Our coaching staff genuinely cares for every person in this program, we care for the safety, emotional and physical well being first, and then all things volleyball second. We are aware that as tryouts are approaching this is a high stress time for players and their families (and coaches too, if I am being quite honest). We are here to support every player throughout the preseason camp and tryout process and we are so excited for all of the hard work the kids have put into the gym this summer transpire into success this season.
  2. Now onto the schedule. First I want to thank you for your patience as I share the details of the upcoming weeks. If you have been anywhere near EHS in the last few months you know there is a lot of construction, which has caused some shifts in gym time.  Below is the schedule for the next few weeks. (This is also updated on the google calendar)


Monday July 30th : Lifting 7-8 am, PRESEASON CAMP 830-1030 AM

Tuesday July 31st : PRESEASON CAMP 830-1030 AM

Wednesday August 1: Lifting 7-8 am, PRESEASON CAMP 830-1030 AM

Thursday August 2nd: LAST lifting session 7-8am

The goal of the preseason camp is to get ALL Players in the gym ready and prepared for tryouts. Kids who have never touched a volleyball and are planning on trying out COME TO CAMP. Kids that are in between trying out or not COME TO CAMP. Kids that are for sure they are going to tryout and maybe even thinking they are going to make a team COME TO CAMP. This will be viewed as a pre-tryout camp for players, and for coaches as well. It is important ALL PLAYERS ARE THERE if you are interested in trying out.


Monday August 6th- 3-5 pm

Tuesday August 7th: 3-5 pm

Wednesday August 8th 3-5pm

Wednesday August 8th: 7PM MANDATORY Parent meeting

All players trying out need to have their GREEN CLEARANCE CARDS in order to tryout. Beginning August 1st players may stop by the school to get their green cards (physical and registration need to be completed to receive green card) IF A PLAYER DOES NOT HAVE THEIR GREEN CARD ON DAY ONE OF TRYOUTS THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRYOUT. All teams will be finalized by 6PM on AUGUST 8th. If your athlete is on a team, please plan on attending the mandatory parent meeting at EHS on August 8th.