Tigers News · EHS Cheer Update

Erie Cheer Community:

I first want to congratulate the Cheer Program, including athletes, coaches, and parents, for an incredibly successful season.  Our program took tremendous strides this year, and you should all be very proud of the reputation of excellence the team has built within the state.
I received news today that Coach Mallory Garrison will not be returning next year as Head Coach.  Coach Garrison has recently accepted a new position at work and has other time commitments that would make continuing as Head Coach difficult.  We are thankful for all she has done for the program this year and are sad to see her go.
Our athletic program prides itself in hiring the best coaches in the area, sticking true to the hiring philosophy of great people first. Our students deserve excellent role models in their coaches, and we are dedicated to filling this role with someone who will best serve them in this capacity. The Head Coaching position has officially been posted on St Vrain Valley Schools’ website (link below).  It will remain open for two weeks time, after which, school administration will screen the applicant pool for qualified applicants. It is after this screening process that we will assemble a committee of parents, athletes, and coaches to offer feedback during formal interviews for the hiring of our next Head Cheer.
If you would like to be a part of this interview committee, please respond to me directly. I would also appreciate your input regarding possible questions we might ask potential candidates and your perceived needs within a new coach/program. Please note we try to limit interview committees in terms of total size and representation from families, but will do our best to accommodate the needs of our Cheer Community.
Below is the link to apply for the position:
Thank you for your continued support as we gear up for the exciting process of searching for a new coach!
Justin Carpenter