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Multiple Teams · Volleyball Calendar Update 9/18

Big Congratulations to our D Team, they beat Eaton in the Frederick freshman tournament and took FIRST PLACE!

A big thanks to all of the families who organized the homecoming parade float, we took FIRST PLACE and it could not have been done without all of the outstanding parent support, effort and energy.

9/18- 4 teams practice 2:50-5

9/19- 4 teams AT FREDERICK Bus Departs at 3:15

9/20- 4 teams practice 2:50-5

9/21- 4 teams VS MEAD AT HOME 4:30, 5:30, 6:30

9/22-4 teams practice 2:50-5


One last thing…for what its worth. We have had a record number of student athletes being signed out early for away competitions. I understand the nights are long and the weeks are busy, but I am hopeful to see more girls stick around and cheer on the upper class men as they compete and support the program as a whole. Thank you for your support!